Christine MastersSince the inception of her mediation practice in 1994, Christine Masters has successfully resolved thousands of disputes throughout California and the western United States. Ms. Masters generally mediates at offices located at 246 Pass Ave in Burbank, although may provide other neutral locations at no additional cost on request she will travel to counsels’ offices or other mutually agreed upon locations. She also mediates via video conferencing such as Zoom, Skype, or Facetime.

Recognizing and addressing the diverse needs of counsel, parties, insurance carriers, and others involved in any given dispute, Ms. Masters offers a sophisticated yet practical approach, including the use of pre-mediation conferences and post-mediation after care. She is known for her tenaciousness, creativity, and efficiency in mediation.

During mediation, she encourages and facilitates candid discussions and thoughtful consideration of each party’s arguments and interests. With her substantive legal expertise, she is able to assist participants to critically evaluate their positions, and adjust their expectations. Having developed a remarkable sensitivity to the emotional trauma and disruptive effects of legal disputes over her almost forty years of practice, Ms. Masters truly connects with the parties. It is this connection that helps the participants to be receptive to her input¬† and establish the trust necessary for a successful outcome. Thus, the parties are empowered to assess and to recognize the risks of pursuing the dispute in protracted litigation and with the advice of their counsel, to make informed decisions, as to whether, and on what terms, settlement might be achieved. Ultimately, she assists in developing creative solutions and alternatives to litigation that allow for resolution or, at a minimum, streamline the primary issues to be litigated.

Ms. Masters work closely with her case manager Joanne Bogy, to convene mediation, whether in person or remotely. She generally perfers to mediate in person, but will work with counsel to determine the best process for each mediation.

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