References & Testimonials


Plaintiff’s Counsel

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Defense Counsel

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Additional references are available upon request.


“Thank you once again for your mediator expertise/ intuition/ follow-through / overall excellence. My client seems relieved and hopeful and for this I thank you. You are a true peacemaker.”

– Linda Klibanow – Law Offices of Linda Klibanow, Pasadena, CA

“Christine worked tirelessly at getting the matter resolved, had a terrific rapport with the client, did a wonderful job explaining the process, and put everyone at ease.”

– Ramit Mizrahi – Mizrahi Law, APC, Pasadena, CA

“I have been in practice for nearly 24 years, and I have mediated more than 100 times, and with dozens of mediators. Christine Masters is the best of them all. She is insightful and quickly hones in on the strengths and weaknesses of both sides’ positions. She has an uncanny way of developing a rapport with the client so that the client then develops confidence in Christine. She seems to know when to push hard, and when to be gentle. But most of all, she does not give up when everyone else is ready to throw in the towel. In a recent case, at the mediation in January, we were so far apart, that it was clear that the parties had to take depositions before either side would budge. In September, Christine called after several depositions had been taken, and in the matter of about one week and over several phone calls, the case settled. This is a testament to her persistent nature and high skill level.”

– Michael Justice – Law Office of Michael L. Justice, Westlake, CA

“Christine is understanding and understandable. She does not “hammer” on our clients. She does not present a “doom and gloom” picture. She is fair and measured in her assessment of the case. She has a solid understanding of employment law and jury appeal. I am most impressed by Christine’s follow up. She gets deals!!!!

– Melanie Poturica – Liebert Cassidy Whitmore, Los Angeles, CA

“Ms. Masters’ tenacity and tireless efforts brought the parties in what initially seemed to be an impossible case, together. Her knowledge of the law and ability to relate to people make her one of the most effective mediators I have ever worked with.”

– Stephen Love – Law Office of Stephen Love, Calabasas, CA

“Thank you so much for helping us resolve this case. You were compassionate and straight forward with my client.”

– Shannon Foley – Foley Lyman Law Group LLP, Manhattan Beach, CA

“I wanted to thank you for your work on this case.I was really impressed and really felt that you appreciated and understood our view of the facts and our view of what was happening on the other side. Somehow you broke through to someone one important.”

– Josh Gruenberg – Law Office of Josh Gruenberg San Diego, CA

“She was able to achieve what I call a Win-Win result.”

Ronald M. Greenberg – Dykema, Gossett, LLP, Los Angeles, CA

“Christine Masters quickly grasped difficult factual and legal issues in this complicated case involving over 400 plaintiff employees. She did not give up as a Mediator, in a lengthy process, successfully concluded and settled.”

– Thomas A. Woodley – Mulholland & Hickey, Washington, DC

“Christine is a “Pro”. She is one of the best in Los Angeles. I can’t recall a case we did not settle. I’ve only used Christine for “the tough ones to settle” and she gets it done!

– Stephen M.Moloney – Los Angeles, CA

“Our client felt very comfortable with you and appreciated all your efforts to settle this case and bring her some much-needed closure. Thank you for your persistence!”

– Dolly M. Gee, USDC, Los Angeles, CA

“If anyone ever asks if you know how to do a marathon, the answer is yes.”

– William Waldo – Bononi Law Group LLP, Los Angeles, CA

“You Rock!”

– Wilmer J. Harris – Schonbrun DeSimone Seplow Harris Hoffman & Harrison LLP, South Pasadena, CA

In a nutshell, “Christine is outstanding”.

Fram Virjee – O’Melveny & Myers LLP, Los Angeles, CA

“Christine Masters is amazing. Great to work with, very professional, but down to earth.”

Renee D. Wasserman – Rogers Joseph et al. San Francisco, CA

“This was an extremely well run mediation. Christine Masters was thoughtful in her approach. She accomplished what I thought was nearly impossible.”

– Johnny Griggs – Zuber & Taillieu, Los Angeles, CA

“Christine restored my confidence in the possibilities of alternative dispute resolution. The case would never have resolved without her.”

Kent A. Hanson – Clayson, Mann, Yaeger & Hanson, Corona, CA

“Christine had a lot of credibility with the client representatives, they had high praise for her work.”

Nicholas Connon – Connon Wood Scheidemantle LLP, Pasadena, CA

“Christine has the unique ability to adapt her style to the needs and challenges of the particular case. She is well versed in employment law and litigation procedure, which combines very well with her warm personality and keen sense of empathy. She applies these skills with equal measure, giving the opposing sides an excellent opportunity to resolve challenging disputes.”

– Robert Reichman – Law Offices of Robert E Reichman, Thousand Oaks, CA

“Christine Masters was fantastic and really went the extra mile. Our mediation of a messy sexual harassment case lasted over ten hours. Christine grasped the issues and the personalities involved quickly and worked very hard to bring everyone to an acceptable resolution. She never gave up on the parties, and the deal certainly would not have gotten done without her persistence and good humor through it all.”

– Brian Spang McGuire Woods LLP, Oxnard, CA

“As always, you were outstanding in all regards. We are also most grateful for your creativity and perseverance, as well for your usual good cheer and welcoming demeanor.”

James Elliot – Elliot & Associates, Los Angeles, CA